A History of Infoster

In - Foster Meaning

Foster is an English word that means nourish, promote, encourage. The main task of this institution is to connect the citizens of the country with a new mindset. The aim will be to foster education, physical, mental hygiene, behavior, values and positive thinking of the countrymen. It was with this idea that InfoFoster was born.

Organization Goal

Human beings are the only one among all the creatures found on earth which has the ability to express. This is the reason that a thoughtful person must think about society in addition to his own anecdote. The main objective of this institution is to spontaneously spark this ideological explosion.

The nature of a person is that he gets connected automatically with the people of his ideology. A simple example is suitable for this, every village must have seen people playing cards (cards, playing cards) at the corner of the chaupal / street / crossroads, it is not just a game, it has become a practice for many years. In which there is no invitation to anyone, it is self-energizing.

There is an abundance of positive thinking person in the society and every person must make some efforts according to their own. The objective of the organization is to bring all these positive thinking people on one table and give a direction, which should be self-propelled and spontaneous.

Positivity is not a word but a thought. The idea is variable. Negativity cannot be eliminated by negative thoughts. Only positivity can eliminate negativity. The best solution for this is to mix positive thoughts together. The number of positives will be more. Positivity will win, whether it is politics, this series of thoughts.

Objectives of the institution

The object of the institution is to educate all Indians, all castes, citizens of India of all religions by taking all kinds of government, social support. The following are the points to be educated that need special attention. Shiksha is the Vedic word kiratajjurni (15/37), education means learning. That is, we can see it in any form, which basically means receiving, receiving. The root of the word education is 'Shiksha Vidyopdeen' metal which means to give.

Education and Knowledge

Literacy and education are the hallmarks of the development of society. The country is like education. Education is the cornerstone of the country. There is much work to be done on education in our country. As per Census 2011, the level of education in the country is 79.04%. The Right to Education (RTE) Act was passed by the Government of India in 2009, in which education is the fundamental right of every child. Due to indifference and affection towards education among the deprived sections in the society, a lot of work is necessary on the necessary structure. Lack of trained teachers is also the main reason. Today there is a need that social institutions in collaboration with the government should work to bring students who have left or are deprived of education in compulsory education (14 years), secondary, higher secondary and higher education.

Health Education

In addition to medical facility, there is a need for health education and health awareness. With the help of qualified and trained teachers, ordinary citizens can be taught health related knowledge and measures to avoid formal and specific diseases. Yoga, Ayurvedic is the gift of our country to the whole world, whereas today the GDP of the country is 1.6, which is being pressured to do more. While this medical problem can be reduced from the precious culture of our country, in which medical education can be very useful.

Health education covers environment, physical health, emotional health, social health and spiritual health.

In health education, prevention of smallpox, decay and hysterectomy can be easily taught along with cleanliness. Health education is run jointly by the education department and the medical department, but it can be done on a large scale independently by social institutions. Protection of individual health and individual and traditional health, fatalities of infectious diseases and the basic elements of disease prevention and collective protection of health care.

The organization can also work on the following points for the citizens with a major interest in the field of health - illusions of the patient in relation to diseases, educating the patient on the treatment, health care and preventive measures, diseases and effects Economic and social measures.

Sanitation Education

Generally, there are two types of hygiene: physical hygiene and internal hygiene. Physical hygiene gives health from outside while internal hygiene gives us mental peace. Violence, rape and mob violence in the country is today due to mental malaise (Mob Lynching).

Physical Hygiene

Mental Hygiene Physical hygiene complements each other. Hair, teeth, body, clothing hygiene is necessary but why? Special text has not been written about it. India is a hot hot country, in which physical cleanliness is more required. The special importance of cleanliness in Islam is also mentioned in "Taharat". Baa Vazu is part of this before reading Nawaz.

The importance of cleanliness in Patanjali has also been told in Sanatan Dharma -

पवित्रं वृष्यमायुष्यं श्रम स्वेदमलापहम् । शरीर बल संधानं स्नानमोजस्करं परम्॥ -

That is, a bath makes the body pure. Increase of semen and age. By increasing tiredness, sweating and dirt, strength and ooze in the body increases.

The objective is to take people to rural areas with many benefits of cleanliness. The aim is to explain it sequentially and to make cleanliness a mutual competition.

Mental Hygiene

Mental hygiene in the country requires utmost attention. Many sadhus, saints, clerics, clergy are trying to calm the mind, which is not enough. Intolerance and intolerance have a great effect on this. Social media is also a big reason for this today. But it is not enough to stop this side. For this, the government and institutions need to work extensively at the ground level. To be mentally healthy, worship, self-study, rules and service are the only solution to the common man's routine.

'Cleanliness attracts positive energy and in a developing country like India, good citizens, strict rules, level of education can increase positive energy.'

Conduct and behavior education

There is an English proverb ‘First impression is last impression’. (The first introduction is a symbol of your personality) Behavior is an advertisement of the internal state of man. Chivalry and decency are the soul of good behavior. What is the behavior of the people of the country is the identity of the country. In Japan, bending the half of the body is the hallmark of that country. Very little work has been done in this direction in our country. Education of courtesy and decency along with the incorporation of affection and love is essential among the people of the country.

Basic education taught in school is silent or inadequate on this subject. There is a need to work on a big level on how you should behave towards others, how to meet, how to sit, how to talk, how to greet.

Now-a-days some security companies, big hotels are using the greeting with folded hands. All visitors have been started by saying 'Namaste' with both hands folded. A big security worker told that his business has grown with the use of namaste. People have liked it very much. The public has accepted Namaste easily.

Behavior means behavior, conduct, temperament, spontaneous development, mutual relations, address, behavior skills can be started from primary schools.

Education of Values and Moral Values

Decline of moral values increases crime. The above points are part of this behavior. War and civil war bring down our moral values. Rituals and Ethics Today, children as well as their parents need to learn. The decline in moral values only increases the number of old ashrams. To save the social structure, it is useful to show the importance of morality and the need for education of rituals. How we treat our neighbors and those coming from abroad increases the usefulness of education of values and moral values.

Two chapters in education up to the fifth or till the 8th are unable to do this work. In the absence of moral education, the practice of alcohol and cigarettes has become a status symbol today. The warning written on the cigarette packet or making some videos by the Ministry of Health will affect this, it is unlikely. It is necessary to collect data on the decline in numbers after warning to the government, it is suspected that this will have some impact. Today, it is necessary to take the education of moral values to a large level not only in schools, universities, social organizations. The fall of morality is the cause of character degradation which results in increased incidence of sexual activity with young children.

The absence of any place of moral education in higher education is a matter of surprise. It is requested from the government that attention should be paid to this.

Responsibility Towards Society and Country

Every citizen has a duty towards the country to be responsible towards the country. A person is a social animal, selfishness of a person is as deadly as poison to social life. Organized society makes the country strong. Individualism and selfishness leads to mistrust, doubt, conflict, deception, corruption, exploitation. An example of this is that a creature of criminal tendency stays away from society.

Educating the public mind towards the society should be the main objective of the government and social institutions, so that the purpose, benefit and utility of the structure of the society can be communicated to the people on a large scale. The government should encourage such works.

In a teaching system, the duties of the citizens of the country should not be taught. How much is it done by schools to distribute laddus on August 15 and January 26? How effective is the shlogan of Atithi Devo Bhavaah is a matter of thinking. There is a chapter in education for this, which should pay respect to the Army, the guard of our country's borders? After seventy years of independence, the Prime Minister should tell the people of the country to respect the army, how painful it is? This feeling should have been given to us in childhood.

It is the duty of every citizen of the country to follow the religion. What is our duty towards the national anthem, the national anthem, the country's flag and the constitution, it is necessary to work on a large scale. Education of unity, integrity and duty towards the country requires a higher level and work. Honoring the historical sites of the country and tourists visiting the country is the main task of this education.

Our organization Infoster Education Development Committee (NGO) has been working on this education for the last four years, so that our country will become prosperous and empowered. But the social organization runs with social money, so that it is not possible to work on a large scale.

Previous work of the institution

* Tamil Nadu Government University 'Manonmaniam Sundaranar University', Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu to carry distance education to all the parts of the country from the poor and education away to the students.

* Our NGO has inspired 12 thousand students for education in 4 years from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University 'Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

* Our society deposited the higher education fees and examination fees of 156 helpless and poor students from their deposits and helped to make them self-reliant after passing the students.

* In social and ethnic institutions, the members of the executive motivated for moral education. Visited hundreds of conferences and explained the importance of cleanliness.

* Our voluntary visited hundred of schools and taught children about rites and conduct. Sorted programs were conducted in schools. Competition was made for cleanliness among children, which the school operators implemented in their regular programs.

* Making a statement about the usefulness and benefits of regular education in a government school. Our experts have been giving information about all types of cleanliness by visiting hundreds of schools in Jaipur in Rajasthan.

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